Can an Auto Title Loan Fix Your Credit Problem?

For some people, it is quite difficult to comprehend that an auto title loan and other high interest bearing loans can fix credit problem. But, some borrowers admit that indeed, this kind of loan has helped them erase their credit issues and concerns and have improved their financial affairs. Thus, there is indeed that lingering debate of whether or not an auto title loan and other related services help fix credit issues. Personally, it is a yes or no answer depending on the situation. Let us tackle each answer.

Yes, It Can

They say that for as long as you live, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. In the case of auto title loans being able to help fix credit problems, the idea is not very remote. The borrower can simply use his or her imagination coupled with diligent actions and perseverance, credit issues can be fixed. Of course, one has to accept the reality that it cannot be done overnight. It needs lots of planning and manuevers in order to achieve the goal of fixing credit dilemma. Some of the possible ways borrowers can do to augment the power of this kind of loan to solve credit issues are:

  • Take additional job and earmark the pay earned as additional loan repayment.
  • Work extra mile to earn more commissions and incentives to repay the loan and other existing credits.
  • Follow budget plan seriously and avoid making unnecessary expenses or hold some expenses temporarily and prioritize more important ones. For example, a new lab gown for your high school might be sourced from relatives or friends.

You can really use this kind of loan to fix credit issues provided that you complement it with other initiatives to earn more money to help pay existing loans.

No, It Cannot

They say that poverty is not a condition but a choice. Indeed, some people cannot solve their credit problems because they choose to do so. It has become their way of life; they apply for credit, then revolve their funds, seek financial help from wealthy relatives from time to time, or sell some valuable properties to pay the loan, and then apply for another loan. Indeed, they are living in a vicious cycle of credit pit. It is a matter of choice indeed, and you cannot help these people if they will not voluntarily admit the problem and seek help.

The problem is even compounded with the belief that they really cannot fix it because they are not willing to give up certain lifestyle or alter their negative spending habits. They will give you reasons that lifestyle and spending habits gives them relaxation that no amount of money can cure.

The Verdict

Auto title loan can really solve credit problems provided that:

  • The individual is willing to solve the problem and voluntarily change their lifestyle and financially wasteful spending habits.
  • Willing to accommodate extra work to earn more money.

As the old adage goes, you can lead the horse to the water but you can never force it to drink. Solving credit problems is indeed a personal choice.


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