How to Avoid 3 Barriers to Being Financially Independent

Title loans are not bad at all. What is bad is for borrowers is to become too dependent with it to the point that they keep on asking credit with titles of valuable assets as loan guarantee yet do not pay the loan at all. It is quite unfortunate that there are people who worked hard to acquire those assets but at the end of the day, these properties were gone due to unpaid loans or credits. This is not the kind of financial independence that they were dreaming of during their younger years. Clearly, there were barriers why this happened.

Social Barriers

It might quite sound profound but social barriers are just friends and lifestyle. This is tantamount to saying that one has kept up with the Joneses that even if they could hardly afford to do so, they will find means to the maintain lifestyle their friends maintained. Yes, people around us and the environment we live in are triggers of expensive habits that deplete our financial resources. Unless, you cannot overcome the need to be with them and find solace with more meaningful friends, it won’t be surprising that you will end up in the streets the soonest time possible.

Emotional Barriers

One of the reasons why people overspend is due to insecurities or lack of confidence. They have emotional issues like need for attention, need to standout, and need for identity. As someone who craves for attention, they spend money treating people to create an impression that they are surrounded with friends. Some people use fashion for example or extreme lifestyle and habit so that people will be impressed with what they saw and what others see in them physically. The need for identity is the most complex of all emotional barriers as they crave for attention and at the same time need to standout too. Thus, they end up spending too much just to understand and find what they want and make other people understand them too.

Marketing Barriers

A lot of our spending problems are due to marketing ploy of companies peddling many useless and idle items inside our homes. Using the right words, these brands are able to entice people to buy a potato mashing device when boiling it first is more efficient and economical. Some infomercials lure people on natural weight loss products and behind the marketing ploy is another purchase on food supplements; or an appliance brand peddling the latest in cooking gadget price although it’s at several thousand dollars expensive and highlight that you get several items like dining set, vacuum cleaner, and even grocery items as initial cooking ingredients.

Unless you can overcome these barriers, you cannot help but to run to title loans companies from time to time. Yes, it takes a lot of will power to get rid of shallow friends with expensive lifestyle and habits, to overcome emotional insecurities, and to defy marketing ploy but it doesn’t mean that you cannot seek help elsewhere or with someone else if you cannot do it yourself.

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