Things to Have in Your Car When Driving with a Child Onboard

Performance cars come with cool features that are not only great for adults but work well for children as well. Arguably, even those that are considered low-end may have features, such as a global positioning system for better navigation across unfamiliar territory, audio and movie players, and a great air-conditioning system or a heater to keep you comfortable all throughout your journey. These features, though, may not be enough to provide comfort to your child during your trip. You might need some other things that are equally important when you hit the road with a child onboard the vehicle.

Coverlets and Coats

These are especially indispensable when you would be driving your Luxury SUV on a snowy or rainy evening. If the heating system of your car is enough to keep you warm, this may not be so to your child. Provide your little darling with better convenience by bringing blankets or coats along, which you can use to cover him with and provide him more warmth while you stay behind the wheel.

Brunch or Snacks and Some Water

Your child could get hungry anytime and diners or restaurants may not always be available for mealtime. Keep yourself ready by bringing some food with you inside the car. Chocolates, candies, and biscuits to munch on may do, but if you can pack a complete meal for your little toddler, that would definitely be much better. Bottles of water are also equally important to keep you and your kid hydrated all throughout the journey.

Medical Supplies

Have some cotton, wire gauze, band aid, disinfectant, and medicines in your car. These could come in handy during small accidents where your child or someone else in your car gets injured. While you may not be able to treat major wounds with these meager medical supplies, you might be able to prevent severe bleeding and shock. In addition, you could use some of the medicines to treat minor problems, such as headaches, dizziness, and fever during the trip.

Extra Clothing for You and Your Child

One way or another, you and your child might need a change of clean clothes while on the road. Keep a pair of clothing accessible for changing anytime. Even if you would be driving with a luggage full of clothes, it would be easier if you keep a separate bag for the extra clothing you intend to use while on the road. This way, you wouldn’t have to go through the hassles of opening and rearranging your luggage everytime you need to change.

Emergency Flares

If you would be driving on deserted highways, it is recommended to bring along some road flares, which you can use for emergencies. It doesn’t matter if you would be driving at night or during the day. Road flares can come in handy when no other motorists are within distance and you need help with anything, such as changing a flat tire or other troubles that might befall you during your travel. Just light them up to call the attention of other motorists and help might just come along your way.

Amusement Devices

Kids can easily get bored. Keep them entertained during the trip by giving them gadgets to play with. It can be an mp4, mp3, or the latest gaming tablet. You might also want to install a wifi device in your Performance car so your child can have internet access even when travelling.

Cash and credit cards can also come in handy. Don’t forget to bring these along with you any time you leave your house and hit the highways.

By Kristine Kremmer

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