Why Sell Car Insurance

Some people want to be able to help other people but have to find another way of doing it. A career in selling car insurance is not only a lucrative way to make a comfortable living; it is also a way that you can help people in some of the most traumatic times of their lives. You also have the chance to be rewarded with referrals from satisfied clients, which is the same as a stamp of approval from the people that you are serving.

When people buy car insurance they are usually looking to find the coverage that makes their car legal at the lowest price possible. Once you establish that bottom point, the rest becomes a matter of how much the client is willing to pay for. Putting together the right car insurance policy then becomes a matter of finding out what the customer wants, and then making sure to include the things you know they will need. The customer is not aware of all of the services your company offers and that is why they look to you for recommendations. After you get a customer into a policy they are happy with at a price they can afford, they may start to recommend you to other people they know. This helps you to build your business. But what can really help you build your business is how you react when a customer has a crisis.

The only thing that differentiates an insurance company from its clients is the insurance agent. A competent insurance agent can make an insurance company look very good to the client, while an incompetent agent can make the client want to switch insurance companies. When a client calls you immediately after a crisis, they are looking to you for help. That is when the job of insurance agent goes from being a sales person to becoming a care giver. You can help the client determine what the company will cover for damages, set up a rental car for them, and also help to establish payment for any medical injuries. You can keep the client updated on claims for liability in the case of property damage or injury to someone else in an accident, and you can make recommendations to the client on how to control their costs and deal with a tense situation.

Being a car insurance agent is more than signing agreements and making phone calls. Your clients count on you to know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. Your clients also look to you to make something such as the purchase of a new vehicle go smoothly so they are not waiting days to get their new vehicle. When you start coming through for your customers that is when the phone starts ringing with other people that want you to take care of their car insurance needs as well. It may not quite be the same as being a hero like a firefighter, but it can make you a hero in the eyes of a customer that needed your help in a time of crisis.


Author: Robert Henry


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