Rent a Car Convertible – the Thrill of Taking Your Top Off

Fewer things are as exciting, for those of us who spend our lives driving sedans, than to rent a car convertible. Feeling the wind in your hair and hearing the throaty throb of the car engine as you step to it down a country lane is truly an exhilarating experience.

Convertibles and sports cars were not really readily available for rent until the late sixties and they were difficult to find and extremely pricey to hire. In this day and age, there are many specialty rental agencies out there that really know sports cars and convertibles and can rent a car convertible that’s a lot of fun to drive in the open air. You are, however, still going to pay dearly for the experience.

Most of the major car rental firms now offer a convertible option available for rent. Sometimes, you can get a Ford Mustang or a Chrysler Sebring. These won’t cost you as much as renting a Porsche or a Ferrari, but they are still among the highest daily or weekly rates at the major agencies.

If you really want to have fun, spend the extra money and rent from a sports car specialty firm that knows the performance and quality of its convertibles. If you are going to rent a car convertible for a truly open air, free-flying experience, one of these agencies will know which cars provide the best thrills. Don’t be afraid to admit that you want to rent the car for fun, that’s why these sports car specialty agents exist. No one rents that Porsche or Ferrari for its practicality and gas mileage.

The easiest way to find specialty car rentals is through the Internet. Run a search based on the type of car you are interested in renting like, “Porsche rentals”, or “rent a car convertible”, “sports car rentals,” or some variation. Next, sort them out by the nearest location to you. Depending on where you live, you might have a bit of driving to do in order to pick up your convertible. Most specialty car rental agencies are located in large urban areas.

There are a few things you should look into, however, before you rent a car convertible. Check with your insurance company and see what kind of coverage you have for car rentals. Most policies will cover rentals, but be particularly certain about convertible coverage; you may have to pay something extra with the agency.

Review the rental contract and be sure you know about any extra fees or charges for your rental. Be diligent about mileage costs, they are often very high for sports car rentals. Also, be particular about where you can take the car, sometimes ranges or destinations are restricted.

Age requirements are generally twenty-one or twenty-five. Payment is usually by credit card, but depending how exotic you get, you could be asked for a hefty security deposit.

No matter, there is nothing quite like the driving experience you have when you rent a car convertible and enjoy the thrill of taking your top off.

Author: David Patullo


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